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Five-year anniversary of Tulip Trade Event now in sight

After the unfortunate postponement of the Tulip Trade Event in 2020 and 2021 because of the corona measures, we are hopefully fixing our sights on March 2022. During the recent discussion with all of the participants, it was decided to go ahead with organising the fifth TTE event from Wednesday to Friday, 23 – 25 March 2022. For these three days, 12 locations are opening their doors to visitors from near and far. The participants are trusting that this year, the five-year anniversary of the event can finally take place. And live, with the visiting public being able to see and smell the products.

Colourful, cheerful tulips announce the arrival of spring after the long winter and thus symbolise hope and positivity. The participating companies in the Tulip Trade Event hope that this symbolism is reflected in the Tulip Trade Event in 2022. Hope for better times after the Covid pandemic and a positive view of the future. The flower trade, including the tulip market, has recovered well after the first blow dealt by the corona crisis. Around the world the demand for flowers increased, and the tulip sector profited as a result.

Setting for innovations

During the Tulip Trade Event, upon appointment at the twelve locations, local and international visitors will be treated to a stunning overview of what the Dutch bulb exporters have on offer. The companies in North and South Holland are inviting interested parties to peruse the assortment, discuss new trends and developments, and exchange ideas about the future of the tulip. And just like previous editions, the Tulip Trade Event will again provide the setting for introductions and innovations. Of course, the applicable corona measures will be observed.  

The companies opening their doors are P. Aker, Amsonia, Boots Flowerbulbs, Borst Bloembollen, BOT Flowerbulbs, Haakman Flowerbulbs, Holland Bulb Market, P. Nelis & zoon’s, Nord Lommerse, C. Steenvoorden, VWS Flowerbulbs and Jan de Wit en Zonen. More information about the applicable corona measures is available on the government’s website for those who are interested.

This year, unfortunately, due to the corona measures, no grand central opening of the Tulip Trade Event will be taking place. Keep an eye on the website for more information about the companies to visit!

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