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Next Tulip Trade Event in 2024

Next Tulip Trade Event in 2024

Naturally, the participating companies are hoping for a more stable situation for the next one. That is why it has been decided to hold the sixth Tulip Trade Event from 13 to 15 March 2024.

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Are you coming to the Tulip Trade Event in 2024?

Tulip cultivation in the Netherlands is in the spotlights for three days during the Tulip Trade Event! From 13 to 15 March 2024, exporters and breeders in the Netherlands are combining their open days. This makes the Tulip Trade Event an expanding and colourful display case for tulip cultivation. Over three days visitors can see the entire assortment in bloom, hear about which new trends and cultivation methods are becoming popular and catch up with their business relations.

For five years the interest shown by local and foreign visitors has been growing. As the companies are all located in the same area, visitors can get a complete update about the tulip sector in a short time. Are you coming from abroad? Then it is simple to combine a visit to several different companies.

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I visited TTE2019 on 20th and 21st of March. Luckily I managed to visit all the participating companies in the 2 days. My impression is, it was simply an outstanding exhibition. I bet most of the companies tried to do their best to show many varieties and item-concept by creative ways. And each company seemed to have own colour.

Yasushi Kataoka

Some of the participating companies displayed their exclusive varieties, or unique item-concept like wax-decorated bulbs, or few companies did it just like a lot quality check. Actually different ways of display kept me away from getting bored. It was so interesting.


Мне понравилась организация, выставки. Все было на хорошем уровне. Но было бы здорово увидеть на этой выставке и самих гроверов, помимо компаний ресейлеров. Я смог посетить все компании и сравнить условия сотрудничества, и найти поставщика.

анонимный производитель

I liked the organization of the exhibition. Everything was at a good level. But it would be great to see the growers themselves at this exhibition, in addition to the reseller companies. I was able to visit all the companies and compare the terms of cooperation, and find a supplier.

Anonymous grower

I learned so much more about growing tulips on water. Thank you for your time and efforts. Also special thanks to the grower who gave an workshop about hydroponic growing of tulips.

Alexandru from Ilfov, Romania

Thank you very much for generously sharing your time with us. I feel that I learned a great deal about Holland Bulb Market and was all very useful.

Hillary from Maine, USA

Впечатление о мероприятии хорошее, очень понравилось. Мног новинок. Три дня с пользой для бизнеса, получили важную информацию и наладили необходимые деловые связи. Спасибо Boots Flowerbulbs B.V. за гостеприимство и сотрудничество.”
Ольга Фирсова, Совхоз “Тельмана” г.

Санкт – Петербург

Thank you very much for the warm welcome and your time during Tulip Trade Event. It was very nice to learn about the growing of tulip bulbs.

Miroslav from Brno, Czech Republic

Impression 2019