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The Tulip Trade Event: the promotional platform for the tulip sector

One of the most successful Dutch export products now has its own promotional event: the Tulip Trade Event. For three consecutive days, local and foreign visitors are welcome to look around different exporters. In this brief period, visitors gain an up-to-date impression of the available trade partners and the state of affairs regarding cultivation. Thus, the Tulip Trade Event promotes the export position of Dutch tulips.

Tulips are a bulb flower with a colourful history and a flourishing future. When there are tulips for sale, everyone feels spring has arrived. This association gives the flower its unique, strong position in the market. Continuous breeding ensures that the assortment keeps pace with the fashionable colours for interior decoration. And because the flowers can be produced in the spring for an affordable price, tulips are also an interesting bonus for the retail channel. It is not surprising, therefore, that sales continue to increase year after year.

In the past five years, the Tulip Trade Event has attracted great interest, and many foreign visitors. This shows that there is still enormous untapped potential for tulips. Given that 13 tulip bulb exporters are participating, the ‘trade’ also recognises the importance of an event like this. Do you? Then mark the dates down in your diary: 13 – 15 March 2024.