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No lack of innovations at the Tulip Trade Event

The Tulip Trade Event is traditionally a good moment for the participants to highlight their innovations. This year, from 18 to 20 March 2020, visitors can again learn all about the different new tulip varieties. There is also an opportunity to observe the differences between forcing in water and forcing in soil and to dispute the trends in colour and shape.

The tulip sector never stops developing. The introduction of the plant passport and the impending Brexit are drawing a lot of attention. Quality remains a point of concern, and the sector continues to strive for improvement. The export of tulip bulbs (dry sale) has been under strong pressure for years. This was due to the quality of the bulbs on the one hand and the consumer trend of preferring an ‘easy garden’, without much greenery, on the other. The latter development seems to be fading gradually: more and more consumers are beginning to recognise the importance of green gardens, which leads to increased interest in flower bulbs.

Colourful assortment
These and other topics will be discussed during the Tulip Trade Event. The participants are opening their doors not only to display their colourful assortments but also to talk to their visitors. Disputing the future of tulip cultivation has become a valuable tradition over the years. The Tulip Trade Event is being organised for the fifth time this year, with 13 participants, spread over the provinces of North and South Holland.

The 13 participating companies are: P. Aker, Amsonia, Boots Flowerbulbs, Borst Bloembollen, BOT Flowerbulbs, Haakman Flowerbulbs, Jansen’s Overseas, Holland Bulb Market, P. Nelis & zoon’s, Nord Lommerse, C. Steenvoorden, VWS Flowerbulbs and Jan de Wit en Zonen.

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