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Tulip Trade Event gets ready for second edition

The new brochure is currently being distributed among a large network of business relations, and the eight participating companies are getting ready for the second Tulip Trade Event. Especially the international business relations were, after the first edition in 2016, very enthusiastic about the joining forces and the combined visits to the tulip bulb exporters. The preparations have already started for the second tulip event planned for 15 to 17 March 2017.

The Tulip Trade Event was taken as a great excuse by the participating companies to invite local and Dutch business relations to the open days. Talking about the lovely tulip bulbs that the participants export is easy with a stunning display of flowering tulips in front of them.

Tulip tells the story
‘To other countries, tulips are still one of the primary symbols of the Netherlands. By inviting all our international business relations to the second Tulip Trade Event, we want to allow the tulip and the bulbs to tell their story,’ explained Mark Nelis, chair of the Tulip Trade Event and one of the participants. The diversity in the assortment is huge, and the cultivation options are equally wide-ranging. This collaboration of eight tulip bulb exporters and the display of their available assortment are appreciated both nationally and internationally.

Advice about assortment and cultivation
Experiences from the first edition confirmed this. The event stimulated valuable conversations, in terms of the assortment and cultivation advice. Nelis clarified, ‘You start something because as a group of companies you expect there to be some interest in it. You receive signals from outside your circle, and you would like to welcome business relations to your company. We were pleasantly surprised with the connections made between various buyers with each other to discuss their questions about cultivation and assortment issues. In addition, at the request of our business relations, we moved the date of the Tulip Trade Event to just after International Women’s Day.’

Participating companies
The second Tulip Trade Event is being held on 15 to 17 March 2017. The participants’ business relations have been actively invited to this next edition. Naturally, other interested parties are warmly welcome to visit P. Aker, Amsonia, Borst Bloembollen, Haakman Flowerbulbs, Holland Bulb Market, Nord Lommerse, P. Nelis and VWS Flowerbulbs.

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