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One of the spear points of VWS is the yearlong, reliable delivery of programmed tulips in more than 50 countries. Not only 9°C and 5°C treated tulip bulbs, but also bulbs which are destined for water cultivation and long-term storage (ice). Besides Dutch grown bulbs, VWS can also supply bulbs from France, New Zealand and Chile, as a result we can offer our customers a year-round program: at any time, wherever in the world, our bulbs are flowering!

All fully automated business processes and controls are in hands of VWS itself. The track- and trace system guarantees the quality controls of all of our products. We plant several samples of each lot in our own greenhouse so we can guarantee our quality and to be able to advise our customers and potential clients all over the world. Also new tulip cultivars will be tested, before we are placing them on the market.

Priority number 1 is to continuously perfect our products and our business processes. VWS is an ISO 9001:2015 and AEO certified company. Furthermore VWS also has the most extended website of the flower bulb branch with information and pictures of tulips, but also of our other main products: lilium, gladiolus and iris.

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