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P.Nelis & zoon’s Flowerbulbs

Building trust in a flourishing future has been the entire focus of P. Nelis & zoon’s in the last period. The familiar COVID-19 crisis has had a huge impact on people, organisations and the world as a whole. The market has changed, as have its needs. So P. Nelis & zoon’s is responding in kind.

We are known for providing reliable quality, service and a preferred assortment of tulips, hyacinths, narcissus. We also supply many other flowering bulbs with the same quality and service, such as crocuses, muscari and lilies. You can be sure of finding them at P. Nelis & zoon’s.

Global specialist nearby
Since 1880, P. Nelis & zoon’s has been the bulb grower and exporter you have been looking for. With over 140 years of knowledge and experience, we can answer your questions on bulbs, flower cultivation, export of bulbs, storage and preparation of your bulbs, and of course arranging and preparing for transport.

With the digital switch in our expert knowledge, we can serve all of our existing business relations even better. We took advantage of the COVID-19 period to implement impactful improvements for our customers. Many processes have been digitalised, enabling P. Nelis & zoon’s to respond even better and faster to its customers’ demands.

Ideal conditions
P. Nelis & zoon’s prepares its products under ideal conditions. Our extremely modern cell complex can efficiently cool and warm, anywhere from -2 to +40˚C. In combination with our internal automation system, we are capable of switching quickly and reliably between the different storage periods for tulips, hyacinths and narcissus.

To ensure production of early as well as late flowering bulbs, we source our bulbs from different regions. This spread enables P. Nelis & zoon’s to provide product from early to late in the year. Strict quality control and a close relationship with our suppliers ensure that the crop in each season of the year meets your and our strict criteria. The preparation is exactly tuned to the transport duration and conditions.

Top quality for best business relations
With short lines of communication and personal contact, more and more bulbs find their way to destinations in Europe, Asia and South America. P. Nelis & zoon’s supplies top quality for their best business relations, who know the value of these bulbs. We are ready for your flourishing future.

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Herenweg 37
2105 MC Heemstede
T: + 31 23 548 34 00

P.Nelis & zoon’s

Herenweg 37
2105 MC Heemstede
T: + 31 23 548 34 00

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