TTE announces date

First Tulip Trade Event: from 30 March to 1 April 2016 (incl.)

The organisation running the first Tulip Trade Event has announced this new sector wide initiative will be held from 30 March to and including 1 April 2016. During the three days, exporters and breeders will open their doors to welcome international business partners. The Tulip Trade Event’s ambition is to develop into the business promotion platform for the export of tulips. Participating companies will adjust their open days to match those of the Tulip Trade Event. Selecting dates at the end of March will make it possible for Keukenhof (the well-known presentation area of the Dutch floricultural industry) to join forces with this new initiative. This will increase the publicity potential of the event, whilst adding to the attraction for the foreign visitor. After all, it is the international business market on which the Tulip Trade Event is primarily focused. Globally speaking, the Dutch tulip still enjoys a certain prominence, however the competition is increasing. By carefully highlighting the current Dutch varieties and selections, the Netherlands can strengthen its position as the premier supplier.

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